7 Common Mistakes Keynote Speakers Make

A keynote speaker might be well-versed on a specific topic, but that does not necessarily mean they can also deliver the speech effectively. Many speakers know their subjects very well but still fail to impart knowledge at the best of their abilities simply because there is no connection between them and the audience. What good is a speaker if there are no ardent listeners?

Even famous keynote and motivational speakers sometimes commit mistakes. What you should do is copy what works for them that might also work for you but leave those that do not make sense and just spoil the moment. Here are seven common mistakes a keynote speaker make.

1. Not understanding what the event is all about

When you are commissioned for a speaking engagement, the topic will already be given, but what about the theme and goals? What kind of treatment is needed to fit the theme and achieve the goals of the organizers? Make sure that you understand what the organizers want to achieve at the end of the event.

2. Not preparing a presentation material

Gone are the days when keynote speakers only relied on their voices and charismas to engage audiences in the speech. You are in the age of tablets and Bluetooth, so your audience is most likely to expect an engaging visual presentation.

Create a PowerPoint presentation, slides, videos or anything that will complement your message better.

motivational-speaker3. Using flamboyant presentations

Visual presentations support your speech by making your main points and ideas clearer and easier to understand. It is still your mouth that should work most of the time.

Do not rely on presentations to bridge your message because the audience is there to listen to you and not watch your slides. No extravagant presentation will replace substance in speech.

4. Not writing the speech for a specific audience

Oprah Winfrey once said that when you speak in front of a “Black” audience, do not use “White” English. That means do not be too formal when your audience speaks “you is” and “I are.”

An empathic keynote speaker knows what type of language works best for his audience. Sometimes, it is not about the substance but the approach of the speech. Do a research if you are new to a place.

5. Beating around the bush

You do not have the whole day to waste on long introductions, interminable funny anecdotes, questions and long pauses. You need variation to become a more effective keynote speaker, but that does not mean you should lose your focus, which is to deliver a message as clear as possible.

Create a structure for your speech and plan your delivery carefully. Each section should have a projected time of delivery.

6. Not being up-to-date

Are you sure that your speech is not a rehash from your past speaking engagements? Does it cover relevant information? You are now living in a fast-phase society where one’s speech goes out on YouTube the next hour. People talk and they talk with one another instantly through the internet.

Make sure that you research for relevant topics and approaches. You should also rest old jokes and overused anecdotes. You do not want to end up laughing all by yourself while the audience has question marks on their faces.

7. Not assessing your performance

The norm dictates that even the most bored audience should stand up and give you a round of applause after your speech. Some might even say you changed their lives even if they do not remember you from the past at all. Hence, the only reliable and credibly way to assess your performance is to have someone you trust watch you from the audience. This way, your companion can truly observe the reactions and hear the whispers of the audience as you deliver your speech.


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Keynote speakers are those who conduct the most important talk for the event. A professional motivational speakers should be prepared to sleep in budget lodgings and to deal with measly prepared meals.

Tips For Getting The Most Out of Pawn Shops

There are a number of pawn offerings in every city. No matter where you live, you’ll find that there are a lot of solutions that you can pursue. Whether you’re living in a large metropolitan area or in a smaller locale, you’ll find that there are pawn solutions that abound. If you have never gone into one of these places, or perhaps you are curious as to what they offer, you’ll want to no doubt know what you can do to get the most out of them. They are actually quite good for the community, and can even help you out in a bind. The following tips can help you get the most out of these shops in your area, especially if you’ve never been to one or want to explore one.

Buying Items

Pawn-ShopThe first thing that you will notice from major pawn solutions is that they sell items. Different shops specialize in different things, but you’ll find that you can buy outright. Many times the items in shops are gently used, fully working items. You can get a great deal on televisions, small appliances, and even collectibles. By frequenting these locales, you’ll find that the inventory can change all the time. The reason why inventory changes so much is because people from all backgrounds come in to sell things, and the shop buys them. They then clean things up and put them on the sales floor, and that’s it. With a revolving door of inventory, these shops can have a lot of fascinating, interesting, and cool items that you may want to purchase outright.

When Selling Items

If you’re going to sell items to a pawn shop, make sure that you consider the condition. Condition is everything when you’re trying to sell something. The shop needs to not only give you money, but they’ll need to turn around and resell the item for more than they paid for it. That’s where a little leverage comes into play, and if you have it on your side, you’ll get more money. To get more out of this transaction, you’ll need to make sure that everything you want to sell is in good working order. If you have original boxes, manuals, and more, you’ll also be able to garner a much higher rate than if you didn’t. Moving forward, make sure that when you buy anything that you may not want down the line, to ensure you have the original box and instructions or warranty information. You’ll be surprised by how much more you can get when you have all of these pieces.

Payback Your Loans

If you are going to use pawn options for short term lending, make sure that you pay back your loans on time. If you do this, you’ll build a reputation with the business, and they’ll trust you more. If you come back for more loans, they will most likely trust you with larger amounts, and sometimes you will not have to match the collateral. If you become friendly with the shop owner or business employees, you will be treated with a different tone and perhaps will garner more financial sway. Of course, this takes time, but it’s worth noting none the less.

Pawn shops are great resources for selling old jewelry, or simply buying items of value. You will find that you can find many of these options in your town and even online. Thanks to the mainstream cable networks, shows about pawn elements are getting a lot of attention, and that’s only a positive for consumers overall. Test the waters with this option once and see why so many go this route.

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 Nowadays Pawn shops is the best option for sell your old jewelry. In Pawn shops you can find many options for sell your jewelry. You can search your nearest pawn shop.

Ready for New Golf Clubs? Check these tips first

Golfers who have been playing for years need to obtain new gear or new golf equipment every once in a while. As people age, their performance on the golf course also changes. The swings, the golf stance, the general posture—these things all change over time. As a consequence, changing the golf clubs may be essential to keep up with the changing physical needs of the players.

Before buying your new set of clubs, consider the following tips :


Best Golf ClubThere is nothing wrong with shopping in department stores. They, too, can provide the appropriate product. However, in this option, you are more likely to speak with a salesperson with very little knowledge about golf or golf clubs. It is recommended that you go to shops where professional golf equipment can be found. You can speak with someone who knows a thing or two about shafts, putting, club fitting, etc. This way, you can ask any questions you want and be assured that you can get the answer you need.

Observe the changes in your game

It is a biological fact that aging could manifest in different ways. Some could find it more difficult to bend forward while others could feel the difference in the way they move or even stand. For golfers, it is also crucial to learn these personal changes. For examples, due to lack of practice, your handicap index may have already changed. This means that replacing the club blades could be essential. Long irons or cavitybacks could be your good option here. Moreover, muscleback–type of iron should be avoided. Your current swings will also shed light on which shaft to use. Purchasing new golf equipment should also keep up with certain changes in the way you play this sport.

Consider Professionally-Done Club fitting

Changing shafts is not always easy, but you can save yourself a load of stress by getting clubfitted right way. A well-executed club fitting often provides the answer as to which type of golf club to purchase next. It normally takes about 30-60 minutes depending on the person performing it. The club fitter can then provide you with a recommendation on which golf club would best suit your swing as well as your body.

Check your Gaming and Budgetary Commitment

Best golf clubs and any other piece of golf equipment are usually quite pricey, and therefore, it is essential to be ‘smart’ in your choices. Reflect and confirm your commitment to the game. Are you hoping to become a professional player? How often do you play the game? Is this a short-term or a medium-term hobby? Know the answers to these questions so you can align them to your ‘need’ for new golf clubs. Your budget will also depend on your commitment. It is rather pointless to purchase expensive gear that you would only use for a short period of time.

Take time to Read Reviews

Know what other people of the same interest think about buying new golf clubs. Check out similar stories. Browse through the Web to find reviews and product testimonials. There are also online communities that you can visit and where you may leave a question for the members to answer.

Talk to someone who Speaks the Golfing Language

If you happen to know someone who has been in the golfing business, then you are lucky enough to have an instant resource person. It is essential to obtain sound advice from people who truly know the world of golf. You may opt to ask relevant information on cost, brands, features, changes in gear, and functionality of any golf equipment.

Fighting For Attention Without SEO Services – Can It Work?

There are a lot of iconoclasts online right now. Many of them are trying to pioneer a new way to get attention online.

seo-servicesThe problem with this is simple, they aren’t getting very far. For the 1 person that is able to utilize their own clever technological mindset, and move ahead of the SEO services that help companies establish themselves on a daily basis, there are thousands of people that strike out. Keep in mind that search engine optimization is not like catching lightning in a model.

There’s a method to the mayhem, and if you are outside of the framework of the rules or are trying to circumvent the best practices that you’re supposed to have in order to gain favor with the search engines today, you will be left to the wayside.

Exceptions Abound For Some

Ok, there are some exceptions to the rules. There are a few people that can get famous overnight, and their sites become serious contenders for traffic.

You may find yourself amidst a storm of traffic, attention, and even mentions from major newspapers. Your server could crash with so many people subscribing, visiting, posting and ordering.

This is a great thing in theory, but what happens when the declines start to set in?
Bloggers, writers, and creative companies that have seen the deluge of traffic that comes from getting mentioned in mainstream media have testified to the fact that the influx of interest doesn’t necessarily turn into advertising dollars.

In fact, many end up losing a huge load of traffic within the first few days, and eventually, there is no one left visiting a site. Without the assistance of a high quality SEO services, you may find yourself with no one left around to promote your site to.

3 Things You Can Do To Stay Relevant

Fighting for attention online is tough. You could do a number of things to try and drum up traffic, but in the end, if you aren’t utilizing the SEO services that are available online, you are missing out.

If you want to hire someone to help you out, and you want to ensure that their work is maximized by your efforts, then consider the following 3 things you need to do to stay relevant today.

Set Up A Blog – The first thing that you need to do is set up a blog. It doesn’t have to be a major undertaking, it just needs to be a personal place to launch your thoughts, ideas and more. This should connect with your larger branding, and company. Blogs have stepped away from the joke of online diaries, and are indexed faster than most realize.

seo_googleStart a Social Media page – If you aren’t already on social media pages, you are missing out on a huge audience.

There is a captive audience that is on each site, and you could market your business, services, and more to them. It’s a balancing act you will need to grow to love, because without representation on these pages, you will not be able to reach the masses.

Update Often – The third component is very important, and perhaps the most important thing that you can do. Make sure that you update the pages that you have often.

Without constant updates, you will only see declines and problems over time. The worst thing you can do to your business endeavors online is to leave them dormant.

Get Help and Capture The Right Audience

If you’re looking to get noticed online, you absolutely need to hire experts to help. With the assistance of high quality SEO services, you may very well be able to trample on the competition. In some industries, the little guy can even topple the giants, but it’s all a matter of how optimization and internet marketing work together.

Learn more about Internet Marketing

internet marketingInternet marketing can be a daunting task for some. Not knowing where, how, and when to start is not an easy task to take on if you are new in this field. For some who know a little bit about internet marketing, keeping up with the trends and development in the industry can also be a challenge.  While information is available all over the internet, the reality is that you just do not have the luxury of time to go through the long and tedious process of learning the ropes.  It is fortunate that you are here now because bryntyounce.com has the answers for you when it comes to all your internet marketing needs.  You can sit back and let us handle all these things for you.  For information, updates, and trends on internet marketing, bryntyounce.com is your “go-to” blog site.


We are experts in internet marketing who are willing to be your partner in your online activities.


Basic Information.  Whether you are new in the internet marketing or have been doing it for quite some time, you can get all the information that you need right in this site.  We will provide you with a brief background on what internet marketing is and then take you through the steps and techniques on how to do it.  We will also teach you strategies for effective internet marketing.  Of course, the most appropriate ways to do internet marketing would largely depend on the kind of product or service that you are offering and your target market.

Updates.  Things move and change rather quickly when technology is involved.  You might be surprised that what used to work before could prove to be ineffective today.  If you want to succeed in internet marketing, you need to keep abreast of developments in the industry.  We help you keep tabs on what the internet marketing experts are saying.  We let you in on the latest new techniques so you too can benefit from applying them to your own online activities.

Trends.  Timing is a big deal when it comes to marketing both online and offline.  You have to catch the wave at the right time, so to speak.  You cannot afford to get left behind by you competition.  In this competitive environment, we help you stay ahead and ride the trends for maximum results.  In this website, you will get valuable information the trends that shape the market.

Tips.  The fact that the doing business online is extremely competitive cannot be underscored enough.  Learning what to do is half the battle.  Actually getting your feet wet and putting your knowledge to practice is the other half.  We give you tips that come from actual experiences of internet marketing practitioners.  We share these tips with you so that you do not have to make the same mistakes that others before you have committed.

The world of internet can be an exciting one, but it can also be a dreadful one if you do not know how to navigate your way through it.  You do not have to be alone in the industry nor do you have to feel like you are groping around in the dark.  With the information, updates, trends, and tips that you will find in this website, you can:

  • Reach, attract, and retain more customers – any internet marketing campaign will not succeed if there are no customers.  They are the lifeblood of your business.  You want to reach more customers, attract more customers, and turn more of them into loyal customers who will be with you for the long haul.
  • Have more exciting customer engagement campaigns – customers are drawn to exciting activities that internet marketers make available to them.  Social media promotions, live events, online contests, and other similar activities stir up and sustain interest in your company, brand, products, and services.
  • Be more visible in various online venues – the right internet marketing practices will improve your visibility not only in social media sites but in other sites that are bound to give you more traffic and potential customers.  This is definitely one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your customer base or network.

Do not waste your time, effort, and resources trying to make it on your own.  We are here to get you up and running with effective internet marketing campaigns.

What SEO Explode Offers

SEO Explode is one of the best search optimization companies today and clients are highly recommending them. That’s why you’ve probably heard of them and you’re curious as to whether they’ll be able to satisfy your needs. Well, to help you out, here’s a brief list of the services they offer to both small and large businesses.

Link building

link buildingMastering link building would surely get you on the first page of a search results page. Link building is when other websites link back to your site. One method is to manually ask websites to link back to your sites, but that would take a lot of time. Some websites offer link building services, but you need to carefully choose where to ask from help as they might be banned from Google. When that happens, you get penalized for it. Another surefire way to get more links is to write great content. Post it in forums, article websites, or social media sites. If users find your content informative and helpful, they surely will link back to your site.

This process is tedious and time-consuming. It is not easy. You need someone who is not only knowledgeable and competent, but would do everything he can to help you get that top ranking. Hiring SEO Explode who has been helping companies for more than a decade would make your campaign successful.

Content Marketing

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Content is king?” This is true especially in search engine optimization. Websites with engaging and fun content are very successful. That is because people want to get something out of what they are reading. Publishing great content would help you build a name for yourself in the industry. People begin to trust you and they will link back to your site. Let SEO Explode do the content marketing for you as they know countless ways in approaching content marketing.

Conversion Optimization

An improved ranking is only the first step towards success. After building traffic to your website, the next step is to convert these users into sales. SEO Explode can improve the functionality of your website to make it easier for the users to navigate the site. They will make your website simple yet professional- looking. The layout and the design will be consistent and content engaging. They know how to maximize their resources while keeping your target audience in mind.

On- site SEO

On- site SEOSearch engine optimization is synonymous with off-site work. Many SEO companies fail to realize that although off-site SEO is helpful, it is still essential to optimize your own website. SEO Explode has all the tools to help you with your off-site and on-site SEO. They know how and when to use relevant keywords to improve your rankings.

Penalty Recovery

Never underestimate Google. They are the largest search engine in the world and they have the best people who create effective algorithms that closely examine websites doing unethical practices. Spamming is completely unacceptable with Google. If you want to build good relationships with them, follow their best practices. If, however, you have been penalized by Google for doing black hat SEO, do not worry. It’s not the end of the world. Not if you actually do something about it. That’s where SEO

Explode comes in. They will guide you through the entire process of recovery. They will show you back to the right way. They have dealt with this same problem many times in the past and their clients will vouch for them.

Organic SEO

This is one of the most effective ways to get high rankings in search engines. Organic SEO is a long process though, but it’s rewarding when done correctly. The techniques that make organic SEO successful are the back- link building, article writing, and optimizing website, titles, and tags.

Local SEO

This service is also called Optimization of Maps. Local SEO lets you reach out to your local target audience. It is free of charge. All you need to do is list your business in Google Maps to gain more visibility. If you are successful in reaching out to your local market, you are more likely to be successful globally so long as you know how to maximize your resources and tools.

Internet Marketing

The company not only offers SEO services, but also internet advertising of your product or service. This includes writing press releases and newsletters, attractive logo creation, and Google Analytics.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per ClickPay Per Click is a form of advertising that lets you place ads in search engines. You pay the search engine if someone clicks on the ad. You get your return on investments faster if you know which keywords are mostly used by users. SEO Explode has been doing pay per click advertising for over a decade, so they are your best bet in gaining competitive advantage.

SEO Consulting

SEO consulting firms basically do everything that needs to be done in making your business a success. You will not have enough time to do advertising as well as innovate or improve your products and services. Let SEO consulting firms like Explode help you take care of all your needs and rest assured you save more time and money.

All in all, it would be safe to say that the popular search optimization firm offers everything you’ll ever need, meaning partnering with them should prove to be satisfying – especially in the long term.

How to Be Successful in Internet Marketing

Nowadays, small businesses can easily increase their revenue through internet marketing. Advertising online can help you reach more clients immediately as well as broaden your network boundary. The more you promote your business online, the easier you can grow your business in no time.

So what should you do?

1.Focus on Partners, Prospects, and Customers

Remember that partners, prospects, and customers are the lifeline of your business. You need to keep them in mind when creating advertising plans and strategies. Understand their needs and desires, and work on satisfying them. Set up a clear goal and carefully plan on how to execute them.

2.Marketing Framework

Create a solid framework for your brand. Don’t rely on shallow campaigns. While it’s easy to promote your business online, it’s quite hard to sustain its revenue stream.

3.Develop a Brand Story

People think with both emotion and logic when they’re going to spend money. At this time, the most effective advertising strategy can be appealing to both. When you have a good background story about your company or brand, you can easily pull customers’ interest and trust.

4.Gain Traffic

Gain TrafficAfter accomplishing strategies 1 to 3, you can now proceed to driving traffic to your site. If you can engage your customers well enough, it would be easy to make them visit your site. If you have more website visitors, then you have more chances of gaining more customers.

5.Audience Connections

The good thing about internet marketing is that you can easily connect with your clients and build a lasting relationship with them. If they find your services satisfactory, they will surely come back for more and even bring some friends with them. So connect with your customers by liking their comments on your Facebook Page, or responding to their inquiries.

6.Email Marketing

E-mail marketing has a bad reputation. This is because a lot of people get pissed off by nonsense emails in their inbox. Nonetheless, if you can execute a proper email correspondence or newsletter, it is an effective way of getting more connected with your clients. So what you need to do is to always make sure that you’re only sending out emails that are reliable and relevant to your customer’s needs.


Affiliate marketing is a good way to easily bring your business around the web. This is beneficial for a starting business which is still on the process of building its network. But you have to remember that you need to choose the blogs or websites you’re affiliating with. Make sure that their brand is relevant to yours.

8.Social Media

Social MediaNo any other platform can deliver a message or news faster than the social media. Millions of people are logged in to Instagram or Facebook at the same time. That is why these platforms are considered to be the best place to advertise effectively. They have the power to drive traffic to your site and allow customers to interact with you or with each other.

However, one of the most common mistakes that starting businesses make is signing up in almost every social media they can find. That is the wrong way to execute online advertising. Focus your energy on one or two social networking site/s. This way, you don’t get confused on what to use more often.


Webinars are also becoming popular these days. These allow business people to conduct interviews with partners as well as give the “audience” a chance to ask questions directly. But like every other strategy, you have to make sure that your webinar is exciting and interactive. You cannot stop people from asking irrelevant questions, but you can control the webinar by recognizing the question but clearly stating that it is beyond your subject. Discuss your product with rich context and organized presentations. This part of internet marketing can be challenging so you have to make sure that the general listeners are getting what they paid for.