About Us


The people behind bryntyounce.com are internet marketing experts who aim to share their knowledge and experience to many others who would like to grow their businesses online.
Here are the facts. Not all people are internet savvy. Not everyone has the technical expertise.  Even those who are interested in gaining the necessary knowledge usually do not have the time to learn the ropes and eventually become an expert.  These are the people we want to reach out to.
Like you, we also started from square one.  Over the years, we have gained the necessary experience and know-how about how to do internet marketing the right way.  These are what we want to share with fellow internet marketing practitioners.


We’d like to help internet marketing practitioners all over the world.  While the online environment is truly competitive, there is room for everyone to flourish.   Through this blog, we would like to reach out to individuals who would like to claim their place in the world of internet marketing.
We aim to provide you with all the information that you need to get started and to sustain your online activities.  We will teach you how to reach out to your target market in various online venues such as social media.  Drawing up an effective internet marketing strategy is easier when you have the right information such as those that you will find in bryntyounce.com.
We also offer you updates on the latest technology, techniques, and strategies that expert marketers are taking advantage of.  This way, you will not get left behind by competition.  You will always be relevant to your target market and are likely to be considered as an expert in your niche in no time.  Your online audience will see you as a reliable source of information, products, and services.  Needless to say, you will be able to develop a steady following and enjoy a growing list of loyal online visitors as well.

You will also find industry trends in the pages of bryntyounce.com.  You will have the chance to ride these trends at the right time so that you can reap maximum benefits.  Remember, however, that not everything will work for everyone.  You still have to carefully weigh whether specific trends are worth your time and attention.  Your own understanding of your niche, product, and target market should still be the main determining factors of what strategies you should kick into action.
Case studies and actual experiences of other internet marketing experts will also be shared with you from time to time so that you may compare them with your own personal circumstances.  This way, you do not have to repeat the same mistakes that others before you have committed.


We do not claim a monopoly of knowledge.  You are likely to find similar information about internet marketing as those we offer here.  Our promise is that you will continue to be our inspiration in gathering, compiling, and analyzing information for you so that you do not have to do much of the “legwork.”  We ask you to connect and interact with us.  Share your own news, tips, and information so that others may learn from you too.  Join us in processing the myriad of information out there.  Together, we can achieve success.

We invite you to drop in your thoughts, ideas, and opinion on the various topics that we cover in bryntyounce.com.  Let us know how we can improve our content or if we inadvertently miss specific information that would be helpful to you and other internet marketers.  Send in your comments and suggestions on our posts and any other topics that you want us to write about.
Our interaction with you is important to us.  We welcome and respect your opinion.  With this kind of information sharing, everyone wins.  You no longer have to grope in the dark because we shine the beacon ahead of you to guide you in your journey towards internet marketing success.